Breitbart’s Army

The man they call Breitbart was not a hero to Conservatives like me. We don’t really label a lot of people heroes.  Honestly, Andrew probably would not call himself a hero as much as a warrior. With his passing, we are ALL Breitbart’s now.  We are all taking up his sword of truth and marching on.  There is no more honorable thing to do than to keep on his goal of truth-telling.  My Papa used to say that lying was easy and telling the truth was hard.  Us kids got punished worse for lying than anything else.

I’ve decided to join the Army of Truth. It’s just a small thing I can do to make this world better.  I may not have a real job, nor a fancy college degree, but what I have is honest, hard-working labor to give to the cause.  In the next few weeks I plan on learning as much as I can about this media called blogging.  I want to hone my skills to get the truth out as professionally as possible.

Remember, lying is easy. Telling the truth is hard.  It’s about time we tell the truth as best as we can.  I expect that I will be excoriated in the process.

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