Feminists have ruined my life. I demand restitution!

Back in the old days, we women were taught things by feminists. They professed a professional confidence how relationships should go. I listened to their rhetoric, I inhaled it like sweet incense and took their teachings as gospel. After all, women wanted what was best for other women, right?

Men are not to be trusted with anything. That was rule #1.

Those lessons worked well. I became involved with men of the lazy bastard variety. Why? Because Feminists told me that was the only man out there. The only man out there was a burping recliner who worked his 40 hours to come home, set his butt on the recliner, guzzle beer and grab my ass. My role in the relationship is to work 40 hours (or more) as well, then come home to cook, clean, look after the kids and be available for sex when ever the burping recliner asks for it. Those feminists taught me that the only relationship I would have would disseminate down to being a prostitute/maid.

I’ve seen women put up with every kind of abuse known because they hold dearly to that feminist belief that this is as good as it gets.  There are no good men, only men who hit, demean, and act as tyrants-that is what the feminists want you to believe.  These poor women just want to be loved for themselves but cannot get past that idea that the men they are choosing are only perpetuating the stereotype that the feminists have given them. Because of their inability to realize that there –are- good men out there, they teach their kids the same thing they’ve been taught. It becomes a vicious and degrading cycle.

Feminists have ruined more families with their lies than any other thing out there. Media, religion, the birth control pill, all have done less to ruin the family structure than FEMINIST WOMEN. In their struggle to become like men, they have become worse than men. These feminists destroy every person, every relationship in their path. I’m still at a loss to explain why.

I’ve seen men who are devastated at the demise of their union. They love their wives. They love their families, but they cannot get it through to their wives’ how their demented feminist ideas are breaking them apart. They ache to make love to their wives but those women will have nothing to do with their husbands touching them. These women cannot understand intimacy any more. To a feminist, intimacy is sex, plain and simple.

After an adulthood of deprogramming from that feminist cult, I can see with a clear vision what the damage is. It has taken me a good decade of a relationship with a good man who his patient and honest with me to work through many of these falsehoods.  I no longer groan at any touch he give me thinking that ‘oh great, he touched my hand….he wants sex’.

I no longer am suspicious of his concern when I am ill.  Feminist thought has taught me that when a man is concerned about my illness, it’s only because he is angry that I am sick and unable to have sex with him.  THE TRUTH IS THIS: My honey is concerned that I am sick and wants me better because he loves me.

I still cannot cry in front of my honey.  I do not want him thinking I am manipulating him.  That’s one of those feminist ploys to get what you want; cry and make a man do what you want.  I’m angry that I cannot cry when I am sad in front of the man who loves me because some Feminist has taught men that this means bad things.

For a few years at the beginning of this relationship, I lived in fear of my man leaving. Feminists will tell you: When you get older your man will leave you for someone younger, prettier and slimmer. It does not matter if he loves you, feminists say…it’s ‘biology.’ And in that concept was the real issue: If you expect your man to leave you at any time for something as trite as ‘biology’ how can you really put your trust in him? But that was the exact feminist reason (see rule #1)

Oh I am sure that there are women out there getting their claws up ready to fight me over this.  Those feminists don’t like women calling them liars and manipulators, even when that is exactly what they are doing.  We see this in the news today: One feminist is called a ‘slut’ and everyone freaks out.  Feminists are great at manipulation, because in all honesty they want it to be all about them and they want to destroy relationships. 

And I still don’t understand why.

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