There is no room for truth in the media

My email address is hardly ever scanned as I get a lot of junk in it.  Usually I just select all and delete.  This time, I noticed an email from London’s Daily Mail. They were getting too many complaints about a comment I made on a story.  Let me link to this story:

The jist of the storyline is that a Lesbian had been denied communion at her Mother’s funeral.  She decided this needed to be reported to the media.   My comment to the Daily Mail was to extend the story by reporting facts glossed over or openly omitted by the media.  Here they are:

1. This woman is an avowed Buddhist.  She cannot in good conscience receive Communion in the Catholic Church. Neither can anyone who is another religion, even if it Christian in nature. 

2. This woman introduced her lesbian lover to the Priest before the Funeral Mass, and a discussion about her eligibility to receive communion was discussed.  Obviously, this woman had deliberately decided to come to her Mothers’ Funeral with a political motive.

That in itself is disgusting in my view. YOUR MOTHER IS DEAD. Using her funeral for a political prop is highly inappropriate.

3. During Communion, the priest stated that he prevented her from receiving communion by placing his hand over the communion cup.  That was how he presented his refusal to this woman.  The gesture was so slight that the Assistant Communion Minister did not even notice.  So when the woman skipped into the other line, she received communion anyways.


This was an expanded elaboration of what I put in the Daily Mail’s Comment feature.  How this got banned, I don’t know.  What I do know is that England is hugely Anti-Catholic and hugely into banning Christianity from it’s country.  They will allow women to wear hijabs and long sleeves in their Nursing profession, even though it is unsanitary to do so, but a Christian woman is prevented from wearing a simple golden cross handed down from her Grandmother.

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