Mexican Earthquake and Family

I do have family in Mexico, thankfully not near the earthquake zone.  There are some roaming cousins that might have been in the area, but I’ve not heard from them yet.

Which brings me to something we’ve done in this family for many generations: There is one person, usually Granma, who calls to locate family members to see if they are fine.  If you are in a place that has experienced a disaster, you make one call – To Nana Delores. Nana will let everyone else know what is going on. 

Lately we’ve been trying to get her to use Facebook to do this. Nana Delores is not up on computers though, so my cousin helps.  He Facebooks the results of the phone calls.  We call him Bubby.  So here’s to Bubby: Thanks for letting us know what is going on in Mexico.

God Bless all those tonight digging through rubble to find loved ones.  My you find your family well.

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